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It is our obligation to inform clients and users about our policy regarding the handling and use of non-public personal information. Representaciones Ideales, S.A. and its subsidiaries have a strong policy in place to protect the privacy and security of personal information we receive from our clients and users.

How do we receive information? We store non-public personal information when you request a service, register your product, or sign up for any of our mailing lists, loyalty clubs, or other sections where personal information is requested. This information is obtained directly from you and with your consent, as it is necessary to provide the service you have requested. The type of information we require depends on the nature of the request, but in most cases, it includes your full name, email address, phone numbers, physical addresses, and identification number. We may also receive information from you when you have accessed, viewed, and/or downloaded information from our website. All information we receive is securely stored and will be kept strictly confidential, with no other use than the nature of the request and/or for internal company usage reports.

Why do we store information? Representaciones Ideales, S.A. limits the storage and use of information to the minimum required to offer the best possible service and as required by law. These services include post-sale service requests, personal account and product serial number management, question processing, among others. We also reserve the right to verify the information submitted or seek additional information from external or public agencies.

Access and use of information: We restrict access

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